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A brief of "Dialedge" ,No:1 predictive dialer company

Dialedge Predictive dialer for callcenter with less investment

"We have achieved global respect for our organization that provides best-of-breed software solutions delivered by best-in-class people.” GIPL was established in year 1999, with a vision to achieve global respect for our organization that provides Best-of-Breed software solutions delivered by Best-in-Class people. The company started on a small scale, but in a highly specialized and systematic environment. The structure of the organization is based on three basic philosophies: Technology Enhancement, Continuous Up-gradation and Customer satisfaction. In an era of changing market needs, GIPL is focused to provide total solutions. Having developed world-class solutions, GIPL is proud to present its S/w based solution of predictive dialer. DialEdge (The Predictive Dialer)

DialEdge (The predictive dialer) is a computerized system that automatically dials batches of telephone numbers for connection to agents assigned to sales or other campaigns. Predictive dialers are widely used in call centers. DialEdge (The predictive dialer) monitors the answers to the calls it places, detecting how the calls it makes are answered. It discards unanswered calls, engaged numbers, disconnected lines, answers from fax machines, answering machines and similar automated services, and only connects calls answered by people to waiting sales representatives. Thus, it frees agents from listening to unanswered or unsuccessful calls.It can dramatically increase the time an agent spends on communication rather than waiting.

A Few Benefits of using DialEdge (The predictive dialer)

1. Manages the process of dialing tens of thousands of calls or tens of millions of calls in its lifetime.
2. Detects the result of the call, as an example: no answer, busy, fax, bad number, answering machine without any presence of human expertise. Consequently saving time by only transferring calls which are voice connects to the agent’s locally or remotely.
3. Using predictive dialer increases the productivity of the company by drastically increasing the time agents spend on the phone talking to actual customers or prospective clients.
4. Predictive dialer users get the ability to organize and better manage the client information, no lost notes scribbled on pieces of paper. The database used by the dialer organizes the calling structure.
5. The most significant task done by the predictive dialer is to predict, which means always making an effort to get a live call to the available agent with the shortest amount of wait time. This is achieved by self-learning algorithms within the predictive dialer to increase or decrease the “dial ratio” per agent, logged into the system.
6. Inbound call can be better dealt with by allowing the customers to wait on hold in an IVR system, or a way to leave a message they’d like a callback while the agent is busy talking with other customers.
7. Most important benefit of a predictive dialer is it reduces expenses for your company over a period of time since you do not need to buy and deploy a complex and sometimes extremely expensive PBX system. Your company will experience return of investment (ROI) in a period of six to twelve months.
8. A predictive dialing system can effortlessly fit into your companies existing infrastructure since it is software controlled.
9. The call routing logic and the contact management is all included in one software package. Your call routing logic implemented as per your specifications. Since it is a software package it can easily be upgraded even if you are located remotely with the help of Internet.
10. Provides an added cost effective method of managing the client database by giving the user of the predictive system ability to rework your database on previous call results. Example: Only redial records which were busy, no answers and answering machines
11. Provides progressive dialing capabilities like “call blending” which means handling inbound and outbound call at the same time.
12. Provides ability to record all calls recording devices and call monitoring interfaces which helps call center supervisors to train agents and users and improve their customer support skills.
13. Easy to setup and learn the predictive dialer logic and software tools.
14. Cost effective solution Being a S/w based solution DialEdge does not require your investment in highly priced hardware, it just needs the basic hardware like server, voip gateway to start functioning, Moreover DialEdge can run on Linux platform, so no need to invest on license cost for Microsoft windows.

Here is a list of some of the features of DialEdge (The Predictive Dialer)
1) Predictive Dialing
2) Advanced Call Detection
3) Web Based Administration / Remote Administration
4) Multi Campaign Support
5) Call Transfer
6) Call Conferencing
7) Monitoring / Barging
8) Voice Logger- Periodic / Random Recording Option
9) Real Time Statistics
10) Historical Reporting
i) Agent Report
ii) Campaign Report
iii) Server Report
iv) Disposition Report
11) Automatic Time Zone Call Control
12) Advanced Lead Churning Options And Recycling Option
13) Database Shuffling
14) Rechurning Of Database
15) Call Back
16) Auto Transfer Of Drop Calls To A.M.
17) Adjustable Pacing Rate
18) Campaign Configuration Through GUI Mode
19) Lead Insertion Through CSV Or TXT File Format
20) User Levels And Permission
21) Load Distribution
22) Remote Monitoring
23) DNC Support
24) Customizable Dispositions
25) Blended Solution
26) Script Generator
27) ACD
28) IVR
and many more……….

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Dialedge Predictive dialer for callcenter with less investment

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